Short and Simple


Jenny Wong-Stanley

Jenny began her career as a graphic designer, working in the industry for ten years with companies such as Marvel and Entertainment Weekly. After a decade of design, she switched courses to pursue a disparate passion for science. Jenny earned advanced degrees in behavioral neuroscience, ecology, and biology before returning to design.

Jenny uses each experience to create works of art in wood and metal, to fully understand the biological details and chemical properties of materials in order to push the limits of their physical capacity. This knowledge generates new structures, patterns and organic forms that are visually stimulating and naturally impossible. Themes of connectedness, balance and continuity run through her work.

Her sculptures have been featured in design-focused magazines, galleries, national museums and online. Other works are in permanent collections located in commercial retail spaces, museums, and personal home spaces fo her amazing clients.  When she is not in her wood shop studio in West Oakland working and running Art of PlantsElliptic Designs or working on her personal art sculptures, she is spending her time with her two young daughters exploring and growing on a personal level.