Jenny Wong-Stanley

Chaos/Control Show


If you are in NYC, come by 218 West 57th Street, NYC to see the large window display and art collection on display. Remember the old Lee's Art Shop that recently closed? Yup, that is where the show is. The place is beautiful! Nope, I am not part of the exhibit.

It is never too late to be what you might have been.
-George Eliot-

Latest News



So I seemed to have disappeared from this site for over two years. I tend to do that if I'm busy. Sorry.

The show in Sanchez Arts Gallery in Pacifica went great. Sold out show.


We are slowing down after the holidays but getting right into a new launch of our non plant related designs. The website is getting created and man, it is a lot of work. I must have forgotten when I started Art of Plants.


Maker Faire is officially over and it was wonderful. So amazing o see all the feats of engineering and creativity. It was truly inspirational. I also had a blast teaching the participants how to bend wood. It was so fun!

We are in Oakland. It was not a smooth move but we made it and starting to build our little art base on the West Coast. 

Google has launched the project of maker awesomeness with their Google OnHub Maker campaign. Yes, I am in it and yes, I am honored to be amongst so many talented artists/makers. Find out more here.

In the works

Finished the lights in partnership with NBCF. Half the proceeds will go to breast cancer awareness and research. 

I am working on the Molecule lights collection. My hydrogen is almost down and the final touches are being added.

Also, my piece Anxiety is in the Yellowstone Art Museum if you want to go see it.